Changes in our portfolio

As of February 2021, there will be a change in TuMotus GmbH’s service portfolio. TuMotus will no longer offer Inspection Body services itself. Instead, Inspection Body services have been transferred to TuMotus’ sister company TuMotus-ICB, which has been accredited by DAkkS as a type A Inspection Body.

Niels Neumann, as CEO of TuMotus-ICB, is happy to provide you with the same high-quality services you have been used to from TuMotus GmbH. The personnel you have already dealt with will also be there for you at TuMotus-ICB. This means no loss of expertise, but from now on inspections as an independent third party. If you have any questions, both Mr Strooij and Mr Neumann will be pleased to help.

For the services of TuMotus-ICB, please visit the website